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Together, we redefine limits and transform aspirations into achievements.

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We stand firm in our belief that true excellence in health and performance is not just about physical training but about the support and nurturing environment that allows talent to thrive. We are parents, athletes, and professionals just like you, and we've woven every facet of our expertise and passion into the fabric of this community.

Our Performance Training Center and Gym is a place where wellness and achievement are not just goals but the cornerstone of our community. Here, every young dreamer can find the spark to ignite their passion for sports, and every committed athlete can push their boundaries to reach new heights of performance.

Come visit us! We would love for you to experience our services, the community and get to know our team.

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Kecia and Kavon

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Meet Kecia, a proud Texan whose heart beats for sports, fitness, and helping others thrive through physical therapy. She embarked on her journey at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. After earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas, she dove headfirst into outpatient orthopedics.

While working in outpatient orthopedics Kecia met Kavon Frazier, a former patient and NFL player turned best friend. They started Built4it Athletics in 2019. Together, they've spread their passion across the DFW area, transforming lives through personalized care and unwavering support.

Kecia's approach to physical therapy goes beyond the basics. She believes in a holistic journey, guiding her patients every step of the way to achieve their goals. When she's not empowering others, you'll find her mastering jiu jitsu, hitting the trails with her faithful companion Koe-Breezy, crushing it at CrossFit, or soaking up the sun on a beach getaway.

Join Kecia on her mission to elevate physical therapy and inspire a community to live their best, most vibrant lives.

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A God fearing entrepreneur, who is also a retired 6 year NFL veteran from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Frazier was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys (2016-2019), played safety for the Miami Dolphins in 2020 and the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021 . Frazier went to Central Michigan university, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in three and a half years with a major in Child Development and minor in Sports Management. Frazier has a calling for business and is committed to give back by exposing minorities to business and financial literacy.

After Frazier retired from football he continued building his ministry through entrepreneurship. Frazier founded a gym called, Built 4 It, in 2019. Built 4 It quickly expanded from a 1,500sqft facility, to a 10,000sqft facility that consists of training high level athletes, as well as Physical therapy and chiropractic services. Along with that, Frazier has also bought, sold and started similar health and wellness facilities. Besides business, Frazier enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 3 daughters.

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